Cash Reverse

Reverse Factoring without limits

Offer your suppliers to advance the payment of their pending invoices thanks to our plug & play technology
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Your suppliers can anticipate the payment of their invoices in just a few clicks

No volume or duration commitments

Transparent pricing without hidden costs

Incredible UX to on-board SMBs

Benefits for your suppliers

Plug & play

A reverse factoring offer available in just a few weeks


Ability to structure quickly according to your needs


An accelerated and simplified onboarding process


A complete marketing solution to ramp-up your program

No need to be a multinational to stregthen your supply chain.

  • 01.

    Contact us to explore your needs together.

  • 02.

    We set up the IT solution for data exchange... and only involve your teams when necessary.

  • 03.

    We work together to customize the Finexkap platform and create the marketing assets.

  • 04.

    Our sales, IT and structuring teams ensure a smooth running of the program with real-time monitoring.

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