My clients

  • Should I input all my clients on the platform?

    It is not necessary to input all your clients, only the clients on whom you wish to submit financing requests.

    Once logged in your Finexkap account, you can input your client information and test their eligibility for further analysis. Our search engine is so powerful that you only need to enter the name of a client, their address or SIREN/ SIRET number (company ID number) for our algorithm to identify it almost instantaneously.

    Inputing all your regular clients on this screen will enable you to accelerate your future financing requests. Also, please remember to input a contact in your client's organization; this will be the person we will contact for any information relating to the invoice, including survey or notification of this invoice.

  • Do you always notify my clients of the sale of an invoice?

    Yes. In general, Finexkap AM*- notifies your client of the assignment deed by email or regular mail to inform them of the new bank details where the future payment should be sent by Finexkap AM**.

  • My client was considered eligible but was refused for one of the invoices Issued... Why?

    Several reasons may explain this refusal:

    • - upon receipt of your request, Finexkap AM*- analyzes each invoice and checks their materiality with the corresponding clients involved in a survey and notification procedure (see above). No financing is validated until this verification is conclusive;
    • - we may already have too many invoices issued in respect with this client and can't accept new ones; or
    • - we may well know this client and have a track record with him, which will lead us to believe that the settlement process will be difficult, if not impossible.

  • In between two financing requests, one of my clients went from "eligible" to "ineligible". Why?

    Our proprietary risk management tools analyze the clients on a dynamic basis. Thus, information is updated daily and every new piece of data is likely to be taken into account in the Finexkap AM*- risk management process. Your client's status may fluctuate as economic conditions or its own evolution may vary. Risk management is a moving process where paramaters fluctuate daily.

  • I have several contacts for my client, which one do I need to indicate as the main contact person?

    We need two contacts in your client's organization: a contact person within the sales/purchasing department and a contact person within the accounting/finance department. In case of doubt, please give priority to a contact person from the accounting/suppliers department of your client. Do not hesitate to inform us in the event that only one contact person is available. A smooth and convincing nature of our communication for tasks such as our survey, notification and/ or even the settlement processes with your client is extremely important. It is therefore vital that these contacts be well-informed employees who are likely to collaborate with our services. If necessary, please do not hesitate to inform them beforehand of your collaboration with Finexkap AM**.

  • Why are my clients not eligible?

    In order to determine the eligibility of your clients, we analyze their information and track record with our proprietary risk management tools that processes information such as financial statements, industry and payment history.

    In addition, your client may not be eligible due to invoices already financed and showing a difficult history and/or litigation collection process.


  • Some of my clients are public entities. Their payment is often delayed but guaranteed, can I sell my invoices related to these clients?


  • My company primarily works with clients dealing on the export market, can I sell my invoices related to these clients?

    Yes, we will finance these invoices after careful consideration by the Finexkap AM*- risk management process. However, we generally prefer to finance French clients in case of a first financing.

  • What happens if my client doesn't pay ? Is there an automatic debit for reimbursement?

    There are two scenarii:

    - if your client cannot pay the invoices because it has gone into insolvency proceedings or experienced financial difficulties, the management and recovery of the financed invoices are guaranteed by Finexkap AM*- (with the option of subdelegation of all or part of the pre-litigation and litigation recovery missions to a third-party, notably the company EULER HERMES RECOUVREMENT FRANCE), in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 214-172 of the Commercial Code. In this case, collection fees of up to 4% of the nominal value of the sold invoices are deducted from the holdback (see "Price - Holdback Section").

    - in case of non-compliance, i.e. if the declarations of conformity you validated for the sold invoice(s) do not reflect the reality (for example the invoice is uncertain, cannot be monetized and/ or is not due), Finexkap AM*- will then issue a SEPA Direct Debit on your bank account for the reimbursement of any improper acquisition. You will also have the ability to issue a wire transfer to refund the disputed invoices.