After your financing

  • What is the process to repurchase an invoice?

    You can repurchase any invoice that was previously sold to the refinancing vehicle represented by Finexkap AM*- up to 35 days after its original due date. In such a case, simply contact your dedicated contact person at Finexkap AM*- who will send you the details of the repurchase process: price, terms etc. If you accept the repurchase offer, we will then send you the information needed to sign the repurchase deed by SMS and email upon receipt of your payment. The invoice repurchase is only effective once your wire transfer is received and the repurchase deed is countersigned to confirm your rights to receive direct payment from your client.

  • How much does an invoice repurchase will cost me?

    We believe that invoice repurchase is an integral part of the flexibility we offer: thus there is no additional charge for repurchasing an invoice. The repurchase price is equal to the nominal value of the invoice less the holdback already established for this invoice, if necessary after deduction of any late payment fee. The initial sale fee remains due to the refinancing vehicle managed by Finexkap AM**.

  • Until when is invoice repurchase possible?

    The repurchase of an invoice that was sold is possible at any time up to 35 days after its original due date. In the event your client pays this invoice directly to our services at the same time and your wire credit has reached us, we will send you back your client’s payment with no delay.