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This website is solely intended to promote the debt acquisition service offered by Finexkap AM. It in no way constitutes and shall not be considered as constituting an investment offer, nor a communication of a promotional nature, or as intended to solicit the interest of the public with a view to the subscription of fund units, in France and outside France.


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The Finexkap Group is composed of Finexkap, a company in charge of the technological development and maintenance of the platform for the assignment of trade receivables, in particular the one made available on the Finexkap website. In practice, receivables are acquired by refinancing institutions managed by Finexkap AM or by partner management companies for which Finexkap AM acts as originator.

Finexkap AM is a portfolio management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers under the number GP-14000044 (Consult the AMF website).